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Monte Carlo Red Cigarettes - 24.6$ (19.21€)

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Viceroy Blue
number of cartons: 1 unit
number of packs: 10
number of cigarettes: 200
type of box: King Size Box
m ...
23.4 USD
L&M Vibe Slims
Tar: 5 mg
Nicotine: 0.6 mg
Triple filter system
Length 10 cm
200 cigarettes box
25.35 USD
John Players Black Special cigarettes
No. 1 carton 10 packs

Nicotine content is 0.9, Tar content is 10 mg
48.85 USD
Tar volume: 10.0 mg
Nicotine volume: 0.8 mg
1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
15 USD
Filter King Size

Tar - 12 mg

Nicotine - 1.1 mg
48.85 USD
Sobranie Cocktail
Number of packs 10
Number of cigarettes 200
Tar volume 9mg
Nicotine volume 0.8mg
87.4 USD
Monte Carlo Blue 100's
Box type: Long Box
Length: 100mm
1 carton: 10 packs
1 pack: 200 White Filtered Cigarettes.
Tar: 6 mg. < ...
24.6 USD
Aroma Rich Rum & Cherry
10 King Size Flip Top Boxes.
200 Brown Filtered Cigarettes.
Tar: 8 mg.
Nicotine: 0.7 mg.
32.4 USD


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